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AnnaLynne McCord is a 31-year-old American actress. She was known as a model. McCord debuted as an actress on the side of Jason Statham in the 2005 action thriller “Transporter The Mission. After she has several guest roles in TV series, including in two episodes of the series “Ugly Betty. In 2007 she was seen in the series “American Heiress, and the science fiction film “Mysterious (2007). One of the main roles she played was in the horror film “Day of the Dead (2008). Diem Moore pic She was a professional synchronized swimmer and helped the Canadian National Team bring home three medals. She acted opposite William H. Macy in the 2003 Oscar-nominated drama The Cooler. She was a professor of Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. In 2003, she published a biography on Billy Connolly titled Bravemouth: Living with Billy Connolly..

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